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But Brazil’s National Institute for Historic and Artistic Heritage was reportedly unimpressed by the plans. There were limits to changes that could be made to Niemeyer’s iconic monuments, «listed heritage buildings which are internationally acclaimed for their modernist style», it reportedly said in April.

4.14pm Something resembling action at Stoke. Hermann Hreidarsson squeezes Liam Lawrence’s neck; Lawrence half-slaps him. Both are booked. Lawrence could have walked then, although red cards for slaps – like Aliadiere’s at Anfield last season – are a nonsense. «1-1 here,» says Jamie Jackson. «Yellow cards.»

Carol Beasley testified that her son had a troubled childhood and suffered physical abuse by his stepfather. She also said she learned within the past year that her son had been sexually abused by neighborhood youngsters.

When political developments tipped the balance in favour of Moscow orthodoxy – and both the philosophy department and its journal were shut down in 1971 – Díaz was invited to join the film institute, ICAIC, a home for a range of creative, but troublesome, artists and intellectuals. During the next dozen years, he became a seasoned documentarist, and turned to fiction.

I am an urban girl. I have no skills except whingeing and bingeing. I can barely open a packet of Hobnobs without an explosive device. But, unlike you, doomed and dying reader, I have decided to prepare for The End, and I am prepared to share the life-saving knowledge I will accrue. This is your cut-out-and-keep guide to the apocalypse. Put it in a drawer. One day you may need it.

Durbin is tall and tweedy. He is the sort of man who keeps firewood kindling in his pocket, just in case. He owns Wildwood Bushcraft, a company that explains how to survive if you are dropped into the wilderness with no supplies, no warning and no clue.

3.17pm «In the Stoke programme is my favourite all-time Mark Chamberlain (ex-Stoke and Pompey) quote,» says Jamie Jackson, who has a collection of them at home. «‘Interviewer: So you didn’t get any stick from your mates [after leaving Port Vale for Stoke]?

Deer are sensitive to human noise and smell. If you stomp through the wood with a bow and arrow you will never find one. Find out where the deer are going to be – they often walk the same way to the same place. Camouflage your scent, be quiet and do not move. When you see a deer, shoot it from 20m away. You ideally need a kill shot, eg in a lung. You don’t want to hit it in the bottom, because it will run off and you won’t get your dinner. TG

3.34pm Talking of which. «Sunderland are playing some slick passing football and it’s always great to see the Irish Maradona (Andy Reid) strutting his stuff,» reports David Hytner. «Incidentally, Sunderland have four ex-Spurs (Fulop, Tainio, Malbranque, Reid) and descargar loba negra three ex-Hammers (McCartney, Richardson, Ferdinand) in their starting line-up. The Emirates crowd, though don’t seem arsed about giving them any stick.» I love Andy Reid. Mainly because he’s fat, admittedly, but in that and his adherence to the good things in football makes him an endearing throwback. And he’s fat.

It’s not all bad: Fun things you could do after the apocalypse• Pop into the National Gallery and take Jan Van Eyck’s Portrait of a Man off the wall. (If you have no taste, take a Renoir.) The Van Eyck is hanging in the Sainsbury Wing. If you want to preserve it properly, Thomas Almeroth-Williams of the National Gallery suggests you store it in a slate mine, where the temperature and humidity levels are perfect for its conservation.

Beasley, 53, was convicted of teaming up with a teenager in 2011 to use the promise of jobs on a farm to lure them into robberies. Three men were killed, and a fourth who was wounded testified at Beasley’s trial.

You will also need animals. Dyer escorts me to his pigpen to meet two nameless pigs. To domesticate animals, he says, you just have to enclose them in smaller and smaller areas. Provide them with what they need – food, water and attention – and they will obey you. You can then eat them, and peel them, and tan their hides for soft furnishings. But beware of sheep, he says, waving a bright red finger. «I know this guy called Si,» he says. «He approached a frisky ram. It jumped up and broke his nose.» I am back at Death by Sheep.

In arguing the sentence before the jury, both sides highlighted Rafferty’s case: the defense said his life sentence should factor into the jury’s deliberations, but prosecutors said it should not because Rafferty’s age ruled out the death penalty entirely.

The survivor, Scott Davis, now 49, testified that he heard the click of a gun as he walked in front of Beasley at the reputed job site. Davis, who was shot in an arm, knocked the weapon aside, fled into the woods and called the police.

Collect the water from the purest source available, ideally a spring, minimising sediment and avoiding chemical contamination. Filter it through a sock full of sand. Sterilise the water by bringing it to a rolling boil for a few seconds.

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