7 Effective Tools to Update Your Laptop Speed After Virus Removal

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In this blog post, part 15 of the Keep it Simple with Intune series, I will show you how you can switch on management of wikidll.com/other/sdl2-dll Windows 10 updates on your devices. If you don’t want to use Registry editor or dedicated toolkit, you can simply install Chromium Edge from Microsoft website that will automatically prevent the Edge update. Most Chrome Web store extensions should install on the new Edge as easily as they do on Chrome. We are currently investigating an issue where users are reporting high CPU usage linked to sic after installing the optional update on August 30 (KB4512941).

If you want to make further adjustments to your notification behavior, check out our previous article for instructions Another related system wide setting you should check out too is managing autoplay settings This lets you control the behavior when you connect removable storage devices such as a USB thumb drive or insert an optical disc. If you already have a fully functioning system that was setup with a Microsoft Account there are still options for making the switch to a Local Account but they are not always pretty.

Otherwise, if you’re logged in with a Microsoft account, the security questions feature will be hidden. From time to time, you may spot a Start-menu tile that you didn’t put there. The new build brings disk management into Settings and changed Microsoft Edge alt+tab behavior in major changes. This feature stuck around in Windows 7 also and it can be activated by using the Windows Key + TAB combo as opposed to the standard ALT + TAB combo.

Although this cross-device experience is a handy feature, if you’re an IT administrator where your organization disapproves of this kind of integration, or if you share your computer with other people and you just don’t want them to link their phone, starting with the April 2018 Update , Windows 10 includes an option to disable the Phone-PC linking feature using Group Policy and Registry. If your Windows PC is fully up to date, you’ll see a series of check boxes and see an option among them that says Allow Notifications to Play Sounds.

You can block all extensions from being installed with the Group Policy Editor or with a simple registry modification. Of course, the side-effect of doing this after you have your desktop, applications, etc all setup is that you will need to do it all again and you will need to be careful about disk space. In Windows 10, when you hover over a taskbar button of a running app or group of apps, a thumbnail preview appears on the screen.

On Windows 10, after completing the setup on a new installation, upgrade, or when signing in to a new account, you’re greeted with the "first sign-in animation" that features several messages as the account environment gets configured. At this point, the desktop background should be fully protected from changes, so you can close Registry Editor. You don’t log in with your name, you log in with the email address and password of your Microsoft account.

The company still doesn’t recommend installing 1903 on Surface Book 2 models with a discrete GPU because the update can break discrete GPU functionality. If your child needs to use their devices outside the screen time limits you set, they have the option to request additional time. Search for regedit, right-click the top result, and select the Run as administrator option to open the Registry. While we do hope to see this bug addressed with the release of the upcoming Patch Tuesday updates arriving next week, these problems brought in by Windows 10 cumulative updates actually end up pushing users away from updates.

Choose your notification preference, and whether you’d like to use different settings for your mobile device. Actions in use appear highlighted. Use the new password to sign in to Windows. The last thing we need to do, is to disable the services and delete the scheduled tasks that are responsible for doing automatic updates of the Edge browser. Windows 10 can automatically rotate your display if you have a convertible PC or tablet—just like your smartphone.

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