Drowning in pills and looking for buddies: The side that is dark of heart Corey Haim

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Drowning in pills and looking for buddies: The side that is dark of heart Corey Haim


It later on emerged in Feldman’s autobiography, Coreyography, which they’d fused over an understanding that is mutual of dark underworld of Hollywood predators preying on young skill.

Haim and Feldman came across two months before these were to begin with shooting The Lost Boys together, and Haim confided in him that in the group of Lucas a grownup guy associated with the manufacturing raped Haim behind a trailer.

«I happened to be really, extremely awake and incredibly ashamed of that which was happening, how we place it, we was just … entering Hollywood, guy, I happened to be merely a horny small kid, like on medications, huge cock shemale getting given medications, guy, by vampires. «

In 2007, the two Coreys showed up together within an A&E reality show, by which Haim confronted Feldman about being sexually abused as he ended up being young.

Talking about it as a «rape incident», Haim stated it just happened during the tactile fingers of just one of Feldman’s acquaintances.

«We have be prepared for this a time that is long but demonstrably perhaps maybe not totally, » Haim later on said.

«Stuff occurs when you’re a young child, it scars you inside for life. «


Haim and Feldman’s reports of Hollywood life as youths had been strange, saying they certainly were taken, along side movie stars like Alyssa Milano, to strange parties, and lived a life without supervision because their jobs progressed.

«Growing through to film sets has its ups as well as its downs, » Haim told Vice mag.

«after all, yes, it is great, you receive plenty of attention, just three hours an of school day. There is makeup and wardrobe, film premieres, limousines. It all seems like enjoyable, but once you’re 12 or 13 years of age, you are really, extremely impressionable. «

Haim and Feldman became the hosts of the weekly underage celebration evening for Hollywood Youth called Alphy’s Soda Pop Club, that they had their very own «brat pack» that included Feldman and Alyssa Milano, who had been their girlfriend.

The Soda Pop Club ended up being a teenage Hollywood hotspot where child stars could celebration without guidance. Frequently seen there have been Alyssa Milano, Tori Spelling, the Coreys, their buddy Scott Grimes and Christina Applegate.

Before their death, Haim recounted fond, surreal memories of this Soda Pop Club, like the famous story of Randy, an eccentric whom went the club, leaping straight down 11 storeys having a soda in the hand, landing on his legs.

The stunt, which appears unreal, had been changed into a commercial for fizzy beverage. Haim watched it while keeping certainly one of Randy’s animal tigers. «It had been pretty trippy, » he stated.

Haim additionally told a tale about driving around in a limousine with certainly one of Randy’s jaguars, which must be tranquillised journey that is mid it roared.

He stated his time during the Soda Club had been before he found myself in drugs, saying it simply was not his design then.

«we got actually tired of Alphy Hoffman, to tell the truth with you, » he stated.

«I do not think he is an excellent person, and you may print that sh** too! » he told Vice. He later attempted to recant their statements.

Years after Haim’s death, Feldman will say he and Haim had been raped and intimidated by lots of guys in a ring that is high-level of paedophiles, whom frequented the Soda Pop Club.

Haim never ever addressed it he was in a bad way whether he was molested while at the underage club, but said by the end of.

«By the finish, it absolutely was dying away and everyone else had been on drugs! I happened to be on medications, Feldman ended up being on medications. In the final end from it, we had been 16 or 17 yrs. Old! «

It had been alleged that Haim had, up to the period of their death, utilized a multitude of fake names to greatly help him get prescriptions.

By 1997, as he had been about 26, Haim filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

Their work to slowly tapered down within the very early 2000s, in just what he later called an eight-year hiatus, where he holed up, saying he had «an obsession with pretty everything» that is much.

In 2001, their mom discovered him unconscious at their house in Los Angeles, in which he had been rushed to medical center. He would held it’s place in medical center simply fourteen days earlier in the day for drug dilemmas.

Haim had no insurance coverage and had been economically crippled by the quantity of health care he needed, and attempted to offer their teeth and locks on e-bay to pay for their bills that are medical. But e-bay blocked the purchase citing an insurance plan against offering human anatomy components.

In 2004 he had been located in a condo together with his mom, where he’d perish six years later on.

In 2007 it had been stated that Haim, therefore befuddled by their medication usage, examined himself into rehab because «he literally could not examine himself within the mirror. «

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